11 jun. 2008


The Inuit traded many things because back then they did not use money. The Inuit would trade some of their technology. But they would only trade what they had a lot of.
In return they would get things from other tribes that the Inuit did not have.
They could trade many things to other tribes that did not have them. They would trade things such as dolls, guns, sleds, fish, and food. They would trade things to other tribes not just because
they had a lot of things but they wanted to help them out.

For example, they could trade a kayak to help tribes with transportation. This is what and how the Inuit use their

At first glance the Inuit’s appear to have lead a simple and primitive life.
Further shows there was much more to their lives than that.
They were advanced hunters who were able to live in an extremely cold climate.
They developed effective clothing, language, and leisure activities to enrich their lives.
Their tools and weapons were smart and practical.
The Inuit’s traded almost everything to produce a productive and healthy economy.
Learning about the Inuit is a great appreciation for a very different culture.

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