24 jun. 2008

Causes and Effects of Inuit Tribe (Diana Forero)

In the world there have been many tribes and groups of people who are a great part of our history. Some of these tribes have disappeared but others still live; this is the case of the Inuit tribe that has developed strategies to conserve all their traditions and customs, and that has lived in the Arctic during all their life.

There are many causes why this tribe exists today; the first one is that the Inuit tribe has built a new lifestyle with new ways to live in a cold region. The adaptation to climate is one of the most important reasons why they are still alive; that are why they can live under low temperatures without affecting their health.

Moreover, food is another important cause. The way they feed has permitted to get enough energy and to create defenses in the cold environment; their diet is very reach in albumins and minerals, as a result they give them enough calories and energy to live in the Arctic.

Undoubtedly, the foreing investment has to play an important role inside the style life of this tribe; the trade of animal skins and meat have taken a good increase in the economy during the last years; as consequence, Inuit tribe has become the most important tool of this business, the European investors have taken them as an advantage for their way of life and today most of them are employees from international European companies.

Finally, Inuit tribe used different strategies for development of their lifestyle without lose the real essence of their tribe. These strategies were necessary to ensure that this tribe still exists in society.
By Diana Forero

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