24 jun. 2008

Comparison and Contrast Inuit and Apache Tribe

In the world there have been many tribes and groups of people who have conformed a great part of our history, some of these tribes have differences and similarities in their lifestyle. I will outline some of these with reference to Inuit and Apache Tribe.

One obvious difference is the weather. The Inuit live a very hard life because of the cold climate; there aren’t many trees in the Arctic region, for this reason, they have nomadic lifestyle and they doesn’t have lands. In contrast, the Apaches live in the warm climate, they have enough vegetation and they are owners of the lands.

Another difference of this tribe is their house. Inuit tribe make house out of snow, this house are Known as Igloos. Whereas, Apache tribe lived in hut make in straw these huts are adorner with plumes that represent hierarchy the tribe.

On the other hand, these tribes have similarities. Both Inuit and Apache are polygamies, also both tribes have same work, the men are hunters and fishermen; this way the two tribes eat and they market.

Finally, both tribes have more differences than similarities because they live in different weather that changes their lifestyle, although, both are of Native American Tribes and they have traditions.

By: Diana Forero

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