25 jun. 2008


The Inuit tribe is a group of culturally similar indigenous people; they live the Artic region of Canada and Alaska. Nowadays they neither form nor belong to any nation; however they preserve ancient customs that were transmitted from generation to generation.
The existence of the Inuit tribe is caused for the following factors:

The first cause is that they have demonstrated their great capacity of adjustment to environmental and social changeable condition, despite their habitat and their lifestyle. Furthermore they have neither suffered sickness as Arthitis, cardial diseases nor chronical ailments due to their traditional diet that consist almost exclusively in meat, fat and raw fish, they have this food thanks to their activities as hunting and fishing.

The next cause is the communication with another tribes for interchange their goods fro other things, therefore they mixed with new races with the objective to create new tribes and demonstrate their nice character and their hospitality with other persons.

In conclusion this tribe has many restrictions, however each household has a specific activity , men are hunter and fishermen and woman practice activities as take care of their children, cleaned their houses, sewing , also they to be useful all parts of their animals , of this form the Inuit tribe has development a large live in this planet
by: Karina Cruz


Two of the important and interesting American tribes are the Blackfoot tribe and the Inuit tribe. Both tribes live today and they are growing and having more territory, as a result of two remarkable events. These are the creation of a province by the Inuit tribe, and the creation of a reserve by the Blackfoot tribe. Although in these two events there are more differences than similarities.
The first similarity between these two remarkable events is that both tribes created a province for Inuit or a reserve Blackfoot. To preserve the culture, traditions, rites and customs of the tribe original, thus able to continue expanding the beliefs of each tribe to other generations and in a different place. For the foundation of these provinces both tribes began to market with Europe all kinds of goods but especially furs. Besides, these two events enabled that the two tribes were known and studied by many people around the world.
There are also many differences between these two events, the first is that the Inuit tribe believes the province in Alaska and the Blackfoot tribe established the reserve in southern Canada. Moreover the province of the Inuit tribe was created by the initiative of indigenous people who wanted to continue expand and make themselves known. While reserving the Blackfoot tribe was created at the initiative of Englishmen who discovered the tribe and they thought that if the tribe could continue living, other people could learn from the nomadic life in America.
Another difference is that after the creation of the reserve of the Blackfoot tribe, they changed their name and now they are called the Blackfeet reservation. While the province of the Inuit tribe has the same name "The tribe Inuit province." Besides the Blackfoot tribe after the creation of the Blackfeet reservation has change their religion and their ancient way of hunting, whereas the Inuit tribe with the creation of the Inuit province has not change any of their beliefs or their lifestyle.
In conclusion the creation of the province for the Inuit and the reserve for the Blackfoot, were two remarkable events for both tribes continue to exist, despite the Christianization and European colonization.

24 jun. 2008

Comparison and Contrast Inuit and Apache Tribe

In the world there have been many tribes and groups of people who have conformed a great part of our history, some of these tribes have differences and similarities in their lifestyle. I will outline some of these with reference to Inuit and Apache Tribe.

One obvious difference is the weather. The Inuit live a very hard life because of the cold climate; there aren’t many trees in the Arctic region, for this reason, they have nomadic lifestyle and they doesn’t have lands. In contrast, the Apaches live in the warm climate, they have enough vegetation and they are owners of the lands.

Another difference of this tribe is their house. Inuit tribe make house out of snow, this house are Known as Igloos. Whereas, Apache tribe lived in hut make in straw these huts are adorner with plumes that represent hierarchy the tribe.

On the other hand, these tribes have similarities. Both Inuit and Apache are polygamies, also both tribes have same work, the men are hunters and fishermen; this way the two tribes eat and they market.

Finally, both tribes have more differences than similarities because they live in different weather that changes their lifestyle, although, both are of Native American Tribes and they have traditions.

By: Diana Forero

Causes and Effects of Inuit Tribe (Diana Forero)

In the world there have been many tribes and groups of people who are a great part of our history. Some of these tribes have disappeared but others still live; this is the case of the Inuit tribe that has developed strategies to conserve all their traditions and customs, and that has lived in the Arctic during all their life.

There are many causes why this tribe exists today; the first one is that the Inuit tribe has built a new lifestyle with new ways to live in a cold region. The adaptation to climate is one of the most important reasons why they are still alive; that are why they can live under low temperatures without affecting their health.

Moreover, food is another important cause. The way they feed has permitted to get enough energy and to create defenses in the cold environment; their diet is very reach in albumins and minerals, as a result they give them enough calories and energy to live in the Arctic.

Undoubtedly, the foreing investment has to play an important role inside the style life of this tribe; the trade of animal skins and meat have taken a good increase in the economy during the last years; as consequence, Inuit tribe has become the most important tool of this business, the European investors have taken them as an advantage for their way of life and today most of them are employees from international European companies.

Finally, Inuit tribe used different strategies for development of their lifestyle without lose the real essence of their tribe. These strategies were necessary to ensure that this tribe still exists in society.
By Diana Forero


In Colombia the Education is divided in different levels of life because of the economy and development of this country. For this reason, there are public and private education. In spite of the fact that a rough comparison of these two types of education reveals some similarities, their differences are more important.

One obvious difference are the benefits received by the educative community. In private schools, students received more benefits and they have good conditions because the installations are cleaner, more well maintained and have more technological resources than public schools; in contrast, public school offer, few benefits a students, due to its economical conditions that rebound in bad facilities and few technology.

Furthermore, public schools and private schools have other differences like the academic calendar; public schools have A calendar that is defined by the government, while, private schools have two options for studying; A and B calendars with the objective that the student can interchange in other countries.

However, these schools have some similarities. Both have the same subjects for teaching in the different grades in primary and high school. In addiction, both private and public have teachers specialized in different areas with the necessary knowledge for the education of students.

Finally, we can see that there are much more differences in the types of the education of Colombia. These differences affect the educative community and their integral development in the country.

Karina Cruz
Diana Forero


American tribes were building bases to construct a solid society. In fact many tribes nowadays still subsist, such as the Huron and Inuit tribes. In this essay I am going to mention some differences but more similarities between these two tribes that significantly contributed to the construction of American society.
In the past the Huron and Inuit tribes had differences in their government systems. For example the huron tribe was more organized; the Huron’s government was clan based and each tribe had its own clans while the Inuit were organized the traditional labors of hunting and fishing.
Another difference between them was the place where they lived; the Huron tribe lived in places with a lot of vegetation, while the Inuit tribe lived in the Arctic Circle, North of Canada, a place with little or no vegetation. Moreover, the Huron tribe was sedentary and had an agricultural system, planting fields of corn and beans. Whereas, the Inuit tribe was nomadic, traditionally hunters and fishermen, living of the Arctic animal life.
However, both tribes nowadays have some similarities such as language, currently both speak English. They both adopted the Christian religion and, finally, they have been an important part of the current North American society.
Finally, Huron and Inuit tribes, nowadays share more their similarities than differences both important for the building of American Society.
By Carolina Ruiz