25 jun. 2008


The Inuit tribe is a group of culturally similar indigenous people; they live the Artic region of Canada and Alaska. Nowadays they neither form nor belong to any nation; however they preserve ancient customs that were transmitted from generation to generation.
The existence of the Inuit tribe is caused for the following factors:

The first cause is that they have demonstrated their great capacity of adjustment to environmental and social changeable condition, despite their habitat and their lifestyle. Furthermore they have neither suffered sickness as Arthitis, cardial diseases nor chronical ailments due to their traditional diet that consist almost exclusively in meat, fat and raw fish, they have this food thanks to their activities as hunting and fishing.

The next cause is the communication with another tribes for interchange their goods fro other things, therefore they mixed with new races with the objective to create new tribes and demonstrate their nice character and their hospitality with other persons.

In conclusion this tribe has many restrictions, however each household has a specific activity , men are hunter and fishermen and woman practice activities as take care of their children, cleaned their houses, sewing , also they to be useful all parts of their animals , of this form the Inuit tribe has development a large live in this planet
by: Karina Cruz

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