24 jun. 2008


American tribes were building bases to construct a solid society. In fact many tribes nowadays still subsist, such as the Huron and Inuit tribes. In this essay I am going to mention some differences but more similarities between these two tribes that significantly contributed to the construction of American society.
In the past the Huron and Inuit tribes had differences in their government systems. For example the huron tribe was more organized; the Huron’s government was clan based and each tribe had its own clans while the Inuit were organized the traditional labors of hunting and fishing.
Another difference between them was the place where they lived; the Huron tribe lived in places with a lot of vegetation, while the Inuit tribe lived in the Arctic Circle, North of Canada, a place with little or no vegetation. Moreover, the Huron tribe was sedentary and had an agricultural system, planting fields of corn and beans. Whereas, the Inuit tribe was nomadic, traditionally hunters and fishermen, living of the Arctic animal life.
However, both tribes nowadays have some similarities such as language, currently both speak English. They both adopted the Christian religion and, finally, they have been an important part of the current North American society.
Finally, Huron and Inuit tribes, nowadays share more their similarities than differences both important for the building of American Society.
By Carolina Ruiz

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