24 jun. 2008


In Colombia the Education is divided in different levels of life because of the economy and development of this country. For this reason, there are public and private education. In spite of the fact that a rough comparison of these two types of education reveals some similarities, their differences are more important.

One obvious difference are the benefits received by the educative community. In private schools, students received more benefits and they have good conditions because the installations are cleaner, more well maintained and have more technological resources than public schools; in contrast, public school offer, few benefits a students, due to its economical conditions that rebound in bad facilities and few technology.

Furthermore, public schools and private schools have other differences like the academic calendar; public schools have A calendar that is defined by the government, while, private schools have two options for studying; A and B calendars with the objective that the student can interchange in other countries.

However, these schools have some similarities. Both have the same subjects for teaching in the different grades in primary and high school. In addiction, both private and public have teachers specialized in different areas with the necessary knowledge for the education of students.

Finally, we can see that there are much more differences in the types of the education of Colombia. These differences affect the educative community and their integral development in the country.

Karina Cruz
Diana Forero

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