25 jun. 2008


Two of the important and interesting American tribes are the Blackfoot tribe and the Inuit tribe. Both tribes live today and they are growing and having more territory, as a result of two remarkable events. These are the creation of a province by the Inuit tribe, and the creation of a reserve by the Blackfoot tribe. Although in these two events there are more differences than similarities.
The first similarity between these two remarkable events is that both tribes created a province for Inuit or a reserve Blackfoot. To preserve the culture, traditions, rites and customs of the tribe original, thus able to continue expanding the beliefs of each tribe to other generations and in a different place. For the foundation of these provinces both tribes began to market with Europe all kinds of goods but especially furs. Besides, these two events enabled that the two tribes were known and studied by many people around the world.
There are also many differences between these two events, the first is that the Inuit tribe believes the province in Alaska and the Blackfoot tribe established the reserve in southern Canada. Moreover the province of the Inuit tribe was created by the initiative of indigenous people who wanted to continue expand and make themselves known. While reserving the Blackfoot tribe was created at the initiative of Englishmen who discovered the tribe and they thought that if the tribe could continue living, other people could learn from the nomadic life in America.
Another difference is that after the creation of the reserve of the Blackfoot tribe, they changed their name and now they are called the Blackfeet reservation. While the province of the Inuit tribe has the same name "The tribe Inuit province." Besides the Blackfoot tribe after the creation of the Blackfeet reservation has change their religion and their ancient way of hunting, whereas the Inuit tribe with the creation of the Inuit province has not change any of their beliefs or their lifestyle.
In conclusion the creation of the province for the Inuit and the reserve for the Blackfoot, were two remarkable events for both tribes continue to exist, despite the Christianization and European colonization.

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