16 jun. 2008


Nowadays, environmental pollution is a big problem that can affect world population. the damage could be irreparable to the environment. the population that inhabits in Arctic Circle such as, the Inuit Tribe are more affected for these effects due to their position in the globe.

the first cause of pollution in the Arctic Circle is leaking of poison substances like uranium; these substances are generated by industries of the continent that pour them into the oceans. they are then transported to the Artic by atmospheric currents. As a result, air and water are not pure. Consequently, high levels of harmful substances have been found not only in fish and polar mammals,but also in the milk of Inuit women.

Indeed, another research shows that Inuit culture is very connected with the Arctic environment. The skills and knowledge that the Inuit tribe have developed over years are part of their culture. They are exclusively adapted to cold and severe weather in the Arctic. But due to the changes in the natural environment, for example, melting sea ice, changes in species of Arctic tundra, they are a threat to the traditional way of life of the Inuit. In addition, the Inuit highlight other negative impacts such as increased skin burns for sun and less ability to predict weather states.

In conclusion, nowadays it is neccesary that all the world changes to take care of their environment. In this way, the Inuit's lives won't be affected. If they had to find new ways of live on the land, their ancient live and traditions would be altered.

By Carolina Ruiz

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