18 jun. 2008

Shamans, Heroes (Diana, Karina,Carolina )

* The Heroes of both Inuit and Apache Tribe had more differences than similarities because these Tribes had different cultures.
The shaman or Eskimo were thought to have special abilities in relating to the supernatural powers.

The Eskimo believed that the universe was at harmony with its elements and that the natural and supernatural powers possessed a neutral position towards man.

Moreover, this tribe believed the shaman had the power to influence events such as weather, food and illnesses. The shamans were therefore seen as possessing the abilities of curing the sick, controlling nature and predicting future events, because of these powers granted from their positions, shamans were able to control others through the use of fear.

Furthermore, they see and know about the invisible, the spirits that control phenomenon such as rain, disease, etc. Also, they fly to find wisdom in two directions; they are Psychopomp that accompanying souls, they know the ways of death and making flights or travel underworld, beside, they rescue dead from the hands of the spirits of the underworld.

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